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WASPAG was established in December 2012 by leading companies within the mobile VAS and applications market to

Ensure WAS customers in Ghana receive world-class services

Ensure industry stakeholders earn a fair return on their investments

Ensure that members work for the mutual benefit of the association.

Provide a platform for addressing the concerns and complaints of the public relating to services provided by members
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  • Applications
  • Report Abuse
  • Code of Conducts
  • Press Releases

The potential of mobile applications to impact the growth of Africa is boundless.


Members of WASPAG develop, deploy, market and manage various wireless/mobile applications that serve subscribers across all Ghana networks.

These services are deployed over SMS, USSD, Voice, MMS, WAP and GPRS/Internet include; bulk SMS, group messaging, banking & commerce, lifestyle & entertainment, social media, micro-billing for digital goods, mobility solutions, and many more.


A primary aim of WASPAG is to protect subscribers against service abuse.


Name to shame!! Fill out our electronic complaint form and lodge your complaint on any service.

If you don't wish to send an electronic complaint you can print the following and send to WASPAG via Please ensure that you include the specific mobile number that is affected, the service number or short code, and state clearly what complaint you have. This is a requirement for accepting complaints.


WASPAG cannot determine who is billing you or abusing our Business Code of Ethics without providing the service number or short code. If you do not have this, you will have to contact your mobile network operator and request the service number or short code.

If you have already logged a complaint with your service provider or mobile networks or the National Communications Authority you may also log a complaint with WASPAG.


Code of Conduct and Ethics


The WASPAG Business Conduct and Ethics was formally adopted by members of WASPAG on 11th April, 2013 after over 9 months of industry consultations, research, open deliberations and stakeholder forums.

This code sets out the principles and practices that are binding for all members to follow unreservedly both in letter and in spirit. The principles and standards set out in this code should characterize all business activities and dealings with stakeholders including member companies, clients, regulators, business partners etc. These principles and standards form the basis for all WASPAG’s policies, guidelines and procedures relating to the appropriate and responsible behaviour expected of members.


Press Release


Official press statements released by WASPAG are posted here. Please email for enquiries on WASPAG’s press releases.g.

More coming soon….




Members of WASPAG

WASPAG members include the following companies and brands;  

  • Chloe nightclub
  • Firehouse bar
  • Firehouse chloe club fishtank
  • Firehouse restaurant
  • Firehouse
  • Firehouse
  • Firehouse
  • Firehouse
  • Chloe nightclub
  • Firehouse bar
  • Firehouse bar
  • Firehouse bar


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